Monday, March 2, 2015

Stanza 2k15

Yes the fever of Stanza 2k15 has completed  last week of February and the COLLEGE DAY is going to happen soon so boys and girls of Anurag college get ready for the  joyful cheerful happiest day

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


We glad to tell you that Anurag group of institutions has became AUTONOMOUS UNIVERSITY 
Anurag group of institutions has established in 2001 in that pharmacy college started in 2007 and is reputed as one of the most preferred colleges for pharmacy education within short time. The college has created a resourceful and inspiring academic ambience and world-class infrastructure.
The efforts have borne fruit and today Anurag students have access to the best learning environment to transform them into competent professionals.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Anurag stanza13

Anurag stanza13 has started from first week of January 2013,and games are conducting for students.
Games list:
cricket,walliball,chess,tabletennis, jawlinethrow,running,jam

Friday, January 4, 2013

About Us

About Us

The college was established in 2007. The college is ideally located in tranquil atmosphere amidst garden and greenery at Ananthagiri Road, Kodad (M), Nalgonda Dist. The APC has been accredited by AICTE and affiliated to JNTU Hyderabad. The Institute has B.Pharm & M.Pharm courses (Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics).

Courses offered in Anurag pharmacy college-kodad

Courses offered at Anurag Pharmacy College

CoursesLeading to…LevelDurationIntake
PharmacyB.PharmUG4 Years120
PharmaceuticsM.Pharm (Ph.Ceutics)PG2 Years36
PharmacologyM.Pharm (Ph.Cology)PG2 Years18
Pharma Analysis & Quality Assurance.M.Pharm (PAQA)PG2 Years24
PharmacognosyM.Pharm (Ph.Cog)PG2 Years24
Industrial PharmacyM.Pharm (IP)PG2 Years18

Friday, November 23, 2012

Movie shooting in Anurag college-kodad

a movie shooting is going to be conduct in our anurag college on 24-11-2012,If any any interested go there you can watch it

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

PCI registration for bpharmacy completed students

PCI Registration ki velle mundu roje SBI ki velli 2 D.D.'s theeskovali... If possible kakapothe AP Pharmacy Concil unna building pakkane SBI branch untadi, akkade theesukovachu.. .
560 rps D.D. in favour of"The Registrar, AP Pharmacy Council, Hyderabad".

* Envelops n stamps kosam akkada oka broker gadu untadu... kani vadu 280 rps dobbuthadu... avanni 140 rps lone kavalante, munduroje Post Office ki velli
a) 10rps stamps 12,
b) 2 rps stamp 1 n
c) 1 rupee stamp 1 theesukondi...

* Iga envelops aithe 1 big size n 2 small size envelops need authay... avi pharmacy council unna building pakka corner meeda ELITE STATIONARY ani oka chinna shop untadi, akkada aa 3 envelops 20 rps ke istadu...

* okkokka envelop meeda 4 10rps stamps stick cheyali... migatha 1 n 2 rps stams appication form meeda stick cheyali...

* Registration chesukune roju mrng 10 varaku Pharmacy Council daggara undandi.... 10:30 ki open chestaru...

* Enter kagane Convocation choopiste 2 application forms istaru, avi fill cheyali... andulo oka form paina 1 rupee n 2 rupee stamps stick cheyali...

* Emaina doubt vaste akkada broker daggara cheyinchukune vaallu untaru... valla forms n envelops chuste samaj aipothadi... no prob...

Required certificates :

All Originals :
1) SSC memo
2) Inter memo
3) B.Pharm consldte degree memo
4) 4 yrs individual memo's
5) Provisional
6) Convocation
7) Bonafied
8) T.C. ( M.pharm chese vallaki T.C. ivvaru kabatti meru m.pharm chese clg Bonafied must)
9) Course completion n Migration no need but unte better.
10) Any ID proof ( Voter ID or Driving lisence or Ration card or Passport or Native certificate)
11) 5 latest passport size photos
12) Write a letter on white paper about Industrial training certificate.
* 2 sets xerox copies of all d above certificates.

* Fevistick n Scissors or Blade theesukellandi. ( use aithe kavachu..)

* Route n place of council is MJJ road, Nampally... Opposite 2 Intermediate Vidyamandali building of AP., near Gandhi Bhavan...

* Sec-bad rethifile bus stn nundi 20P no. bus n Alfa hotel stop nundi 8 no. n 49 no. buses ekki nampally railway stn datinanka digali... Kothi nundi 225, 226,156, 158 etc no. of busses unnay... Afjalgunj n MGBS nundi 9 n 187 no.etc buses...